Interpump Hydraulics is the world leader in production of power take off's and pumps, boasting renown brand such as, hydrocar, PZB, Muncie and Takarada.
Interpump has responded to market requirements by the means of a consistent approach to products and production technologies.

Constantyl innovating to become the point of reference for the main worldwide automotive OEM's such as SCANIA, FORD, VOLKSWAGEN, ZF, EATON


Interpump, a Company which has specialized in the engineering and manufacturing of telescopic cylinders for more than 20 years, can fulfil the requirements of a continually evolving market thanks to the massive investment in research, constant up-dating of hi-tech machines and methods of production.


Each cylinder is being manufactured according to stringent technological parameters which optimise each phase of production, from engineering to the selection of raw material, so that the whole range is made according to a constant quality standard.

Technical Quality

The commitment, expertise and skill of Interpump are also shown in the ability to customize the products according to specific standards requested by the Customer. The professional organisation of each productive section guarantees the most effective marketing of products.

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